reading about twitter drama on the fediverse is like hearing your neighbors' fight through the walls

I have had to do some *grownup baby sitting". I feel tiered from doing too much effort socializing with someone in don't know.
Keeping company for someone for 2 hours until $FRIEND comes is tiring. More taxing a a 2 hours workout.

@PINE64 Hello. I am interested in a pinephone. I asked before but asking again in case anything changed. Can you deliver to Morocco? Thank you in advance.

an MNT Reform customer in the US was able to get an industrial repair company to fix their damaged laptop on the board level independently using only the public documentation for <$280.

i never saw avengers engame and i don't know what thanus is

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Blob blob blob, blobubistblobs blob blobbious blobberblobberies blob blobblobed blob Blobblob blob blobbed blob blobbying Blobibloblob, blob blob bloblished blob blob Bloblish, Blobch, Blobman, Blobian, Blobsh blob Blobish blobages.

My brain is refusing to work on any brain demanding task. :(

I am taking two weeks of from office work to focus on a personal project. I want experiment on a more relaxed way of work and see if it would be more effective than a rigid 9-6 schedule.

Do you have any recommendations or tips how you would structure the day?

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