I have never been to France, this prices are just what they say on the internet for about 30 € for one budgie.

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This makes me wonder why is life so expensive in some countries.

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I like how costs hobbies making thing by Europeans or Americans compare to how Asians or Arabs do.

For example, you can get a pair of budgies with cage and food for about 20 € to 25 € in Morocco, while this costs about 100 € in France.

Also, in DIY, Americans would you expensive power tools for EVERYTHING while other would just use a limited set of hand tools.

I started using yesterday. I am liking it so far. Maybe I'll delete my reddit account in a week or so.

I think bird breeding is so much like governing a state or a large group of people.

You have to have a plan, and act in the fileds of:

- health care
- psychological health
- food and drinks
- sanitation
- infrastructure
- family planing and counselling
- finances

I think my male budgie is polygamous. Not any kind of polygamy but hebhas one female budgie and one female cockatiel.

Why did Manjaro set a proprietary software as default?

Vivaldi is the default browser on Manjaro Linux Cinnamon

I miss to hear and use Moroccain terminology for most life subjects. I have been living in Casablanca for a few years but people in here prefer to use French words for ant "term" even if the word lost half syllables and french vowels.

For exemple, people say mitatio for the french word "immitation". While the word in Moroccan is "mzouar".

I don't like he people here just use french for any technical term while Arabic or Moroccan terms exist.

For example this gentlemen teaches how to tame a big in 3 hours without hurting it. While English content recommends clipping its wing or just taking him as young as 1 month old.


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I find that bird knowledge is richer in Arabic than English.
Granted, content is mostly in video format, but valuable nonetheless.

I hate it when the video title is in English but the content is in a different language. The most annoying is Hindi/Tamil. Arabic is Okeayish be cause I understand it, while it is garbage nonetheless.

I just a couple this morning. Barely adults. The male is already comfortable and happily singing.

There are so many bands that one needs more than a lifetime to listen to all of them.

My untamed budgies refused to go back to cage for a few hours. So I just turned off the lights and picked them. They refused to cooperate otherwise.

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