@nawi GitLab is just as usable as GitHub.

Open Source Software for the most part doesn't need to have high amounts of users to. GitLab is a perfect example: when the maintainers agree to use GitLab then it will all work out.
One can have a mirror on GitHub if one really wants to be searched there.

The argument "all the users are there" is bad. If someone is unwilling to click themself a free account then they are probably unwilling to perform valuable contributions too.

The reason why we are using proprietary wrapper around open source tools in order to develop open source social software is beyond me.

#GitHub is a proprietary service.
Right now, it's existence hurts the open source community more than it helps. Microsoft reserves the right, to restrict arbitrary people from accessing or collaborating on GitHub. Microsoft does not have a history of being good to FOSS, no matter how much their current CEO sais so.

J'avais dit que j'en ferais une illu, alors voilà :D

"I sit,
In my desolated room,
I've killed everyone,
I'm away for ever,

System Of A Down - Sugar


Linux overtakes Windows Server as most used operating system on Azure

Linux is now the most used operating system on Microsoft Azure, according to a Microsoft Linux kernel developer.


Congratulations to Debian on their exciting new Debian 10 "buster" release! Go get it while it's hot and enjoy some GNOME 3.30 goodness 👍


We're proud to announce Matomo 3.10.0. A new major release of Matomo Analytics! 🎉

173 tickets have been closed by more than 25 contributors! matomo.org/changelog/matomo-3-

Big thanks to everyone who contributed 👏

Les gens qui prétendent faire de logiciel libre en étant totalement dépendant de github, discord, windows, et autres trucs privateurs/centralisés… n'ont absolument rien compris… 😤

After having made the mistake to use on my work laptop, I am now shredding all the history logs and config.

Le langage de choix pour fediwatch (l’outil pour check les stats des différentes instances du fedi, en liste blanche) :

Anyone got any recommendations for #FOSS alternatives to genealogy sites such as MyHeritage or Ancestry?

#FOSS #OpenSource #MyHeritage #Ancestry #genealogy #familytree #AskMastodon

Formidable application du théorème plus connu sous le nom scientifique de "Échelle de Griffin".

One of my colleagues just told me that I look like a metalhead with my cannibal corpse T-shirt. I replied that metal is not only in my shirt, but on teeth, bones and blood and that I even have a metalhead flag on my tee to inform people.

Yesterday I bought some cashew to add them in. Today's lunch, a salad. I forgot them.

Runs on the Librem 5 Smartphone - Week 1 – Purism

Purism — Private and Secure Hardware, Software, and Services


Hi ! Is there any bot that auto replies to toots it receives?

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