With all the crappy code bases i have to deal with and refactor at work I wonder if I can monetize that time refactoring in a YouTube channel.

How can I transform my windoz 10 to look like 3? I have to use windoz for work but I don't like how it works. I want the hot corner, task overview with super key. And a Dracula or nord color palette.

I don't know what happened here but this sure is an interesting debate.

Submitted (and got merged) my first "patch" to @libreoffice

The fix itself is quite minor: rewording a few sentences and fixing typos. But I am pretty #proud because of how much work it is to get setup with a dev environment, and to understand the submission process of such a massive #FLOSS project. Phew!


Fingers crossed it's not my first _and last_ commit to the project 😄

I have been testing a lot of online eshops, and it seems that it is an acceptable trend for e-commerce websites to be slow and bloated.

Not to mention is awefully slow. Even companies that sell optimization extensions are too slow.

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What are some solutions still in the spirite?

I just built eshop for a friend but I did not like the ecosystem, the install procedure, and how basic extensions cost a fortune. E.g. Want to hide prices? That is $160!

Damn it. Why is everybody suggesting the use of signal instead if !

It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.



#KDETip: Push windows to the sides or top and bottom of the desktop by holding the [Meta] (Windows) key and then hitting an arrow key. 💡
🎶 And a Happy New Yeeeeeeaaar\!\!\!🎶🎉

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