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This demonstrates how much heaving lifting DE do for us. There are many aspect to a desktop we can spend time configure that a DE make it work OOTB like screenlock, audi control, brighness control, Wi-Fi, theme, login, power profiles, power control, launchers, shortcuts, and so on.

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Gnome is boring. I got to a fully working and usable desktop in less than 15 min instead of the 4+ days or when setting up my beloved Sway config.

Aside from Emacs and vim, do you know of a good code editor that is not electron nor Java based and of course .

I am trying to setup a workstation as most GUI as possible.

Hello ! What are nice alternatives to Tutoanota and Proton mail that do offer regular IMAP and SMTP?

Hello @protonmail I am considering using your service but wondering if your client will be available on @fdroidorg as I don't have and google services.

Last week we had performance problems in our CI setup even though the cluster had plenty of memory and cpu available. Turns out one of our dev teams download and unpack 2,7gb of node modules for every CI job and regularly have 5-10 of them running for half an hour.

The CI system started running slow when the 32 core servers load average hit 65 and you could barely even log into it anymore.

هذه تدوينة بالعربية لتجريب إستخدام خاصية تحديد اللغة لماصطودون.

How often are you in the #Fediverse?
Please boost or share!

So I just migrated my services from scaleway to hetzner. Thanks to containers, the process went smoothly.

i eat dry ramen right out of the packet all the time
i feel like the only way forward now is to start eating dry spaghetti right out of the packet

For me, Friday is the day that just does not wanna end.

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