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Seriously. Stop worrying about visibility of your toots.
I'm here from bird hell. It's a different place. Things are slower here. Just chat. Be friendly. Relax.

I use Snapchat. There I just chat with people, I don't put stuff out, I use it differently. Different social media is different and that's OK.

Also. You're doing great. You are worth treats, you are worth time. I appreciate you and your input, even when I don't favourite/like 🌟 your toot.

It does have me thinking about fedigold, fedisilver, and fedibronze subscriptions. The fees will be oppressive and will increase monthly. No particular value will come from the subscription, other than the exclusive nature of the subscription. I’ll say the money goes to funding my lavish lifestyle, but it’ll secretly be laundered into animal rescue shelters.

One really awesome thing about the #fediverse I realized while driving this morning.

If there's someone on a (activitypub) video site that I like, I don't need to be on their site, or even host my own version of that video site (such as #peertube). Same thing for a photo blog, such as #pixelfed.

From my single, self-hosted instance, I can follow these accounts, be it regular text, video blog, picture blog, etc, as these all support the #activitypub protocol.

J'ai quelques questions aux utilisateurs de /e/

permet il l'utilisation en gestuel, càd pas de bouton en bas de l'ecran?

Comment ça se passe avec l'application photo? Un mode astrophotographie ? J'ai 4 objectifs c'est bien pris en charge ?

Petit détail un peu nul mais que j'apprécie beaucoup, est ce que le menu déroulant est divisé en 2, notification a gauche et réglages a droite?

Dernière chose, est ce que ça gère un second espace ?

Merci d'avance ;)

I am so burned out on web programming. Kubernetes, scalability, security, web frameworks, NodeJS everything. I don't even hate it any more, instead I have an intense, overbearing feeling of not giving a shit.

I am hopeful that embedded software can alleviate this, but am also ready to accept that maybe I'm at the point where I need a total career change.

Guess what! Mastodon’s official #Android app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

Hypnotischer Content für 500: Manche Käsesorten müssen alle paar Wochen umgedreht werden.

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