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Playing Mario Kart with my siblings right now. It's a cool game, but isn't it kind of a Super Tux Kart ripoff??

As a follow-up to @sindastra 's poll, and as someone for whom intentionally listening to music is pretty much a constant, fundamental part of my life...

How long, per day, do you spend listening to music?

Do you listen to music?

To explain the question, I almost never listen to music, but it seems like almost everyone around me does. It seems like listening to music is just a thing people normally do.

So, I was wondering how many other people here don't listen to music.

And yes, of course there's music in some elevators or stores, movies, games and so forth, but I mean intentionally turning on some music.

Boosts OK.

Interesting thread on the potential chilling effect of NFTs: what if the availability of free art on the internet is reduced as it's seen as open game by bad NFT actors?

This could result in artists having to jump on the [[NFT]] bandwagon or withdraw their art from the open web.
RT @LiamRSharp
Sadly I'm going to have to completely shut down my entire @DeviantArt gallery as people keep stealing my art and making NFTs. I can't - and …

Tonight I've slept 5 hours before I woke up. That just felt like way too little sleep however, so I went back to bed for another 8 hours of rest. After that I took a quick 3 hour power-nap... and now it's so late I might as well get ready for the night.

I can explain everything, except why 90% of them are overweight.

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Most of them are not particularly ugly, but I don't know, they just look ugly. Facial expression, exhaustion, or maybe poor life conditions makes them look that way.

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