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I wanted to take a picture but we can hardly see anything. I will take a picture when the chicks start peeking out of the nest.

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Today with difficult teeny tiny sneak peak in the Zebra finches nest, I noticed some hatched eggs. Make me happy and proud.

I am following advice to, as a beginner breeder, not touch or interfer with anything. I do not move the cage, don't touch the nest, not even to clean it. I only change water, chage food, and clean the drawer.

La plate-forme de vision-conférences #Jitsi_Meet est disponible 100% en #kabyle.
On passe à la révision et rectification des erreurs de traduction.

With over 4000 votes we conclude that Linux is the leading desktop OS with 65% market share.

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

This is the first time ever I clicked Install on an fdroid update notification and it didn't fail

Most recent example for me is trying to convince the team to write time spend on a ticket on JIRA instead of simply stating it during the daily. The excuse what that it skewed management reporting.

Reporting for what MF?! for a value nobody ever contributed to in the whole company!

I imagine the manager saying: "we've never kept track of this time spent value from JIRA, but now people started reporting it, all my metrics are false".

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I hate those people who refuse to take adhere to a new practice literally costing less than 5 seconds that would improve everyone life. They come up with big sounding stupid unfounded arguments why they should not adhere.

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