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I am watching some pakistani and indian craftmen. All their work is done on the floor. No elevate work plane. If needed, they just use a flat rock or wood chunk for example to hammer or cut on top of it.

They all sit in a deep squat a secure the object they work on by feet.

They are also very talented.

Hello , what is the easiest way to trigger an playbook from an HTTP interface. I also need to passing some data to the playbook.

I've made an alternative frontend to Medium:

If you, like me, are occasionally forced to read articles on, now you can read them on Scribe instead! Feedback welcome.

#OpenSource #crystallang

"Vizio isn’t some wide-eyed teen, randomly copying code they found from GitHub without understanding the implications. This is a multi-billion dollar company that absolutely should know better..."

I woke up.
I have clothes to wear.
I have running water.
I have food to eat.
Life is good.
I am thankful.

The automated filter system for Youtube comments has apparently decided that comments that mention #OpenStreetMap are bad and should be hidden. 😦😦


It’s true! is hiding comments mentioning “OpenStreetMap”. Watch:


Here's a new extension to quickly remove blank cells in LibreOffice Calc – and the developer would appreciate help to improve it! Check it out:

Yesterday night, I trimmed my beard. From about 6 cm to about 3 mm. Still have a bold moustach though.

I'd like to remind you all that while Firefox may not be great, Chrome is a lot worse and telling people not to use Firefox is just going to push most of them back to Chrome. Demanding that people go "all the way" and rejecting incremental steps is pretty high on the list of reasons why free/libre/open/non-megacorp software isn't more popular.

I think customer support at most companies prefers you to send an email instead of calling, because it's less time for them to answer.

And in general I would also prefer email. But when I call, I get an answer in about 10 minutes, whereas I'll only get an answer by mail after typically a few days.

I think one could create an easy win-win situation if a company gives a guarantee on an email reply within, say, 30 minutes.

Entering the Matrix 👩‍💻

We are happy to announce an expansion of the Tor community's day-to-day conversations by bridging our IRC community the Matrix platform.

For regular Tor users, it means that you can chat with us using a friendly App like Element.

new video genre that will be popular next year: watching AI personae reacting to ML-generated videos

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