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I am careful with my birds, but this teaches me to be extra careful.

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Bird death story 

So to day I lost my second bird. He had intestinal problems. He ate less and less the last days. His dropping alternated between healthy and liquid which led me to think his health was getting back. Until today were his droppings changed colors, while diet stayed the same. He ate almost nothing even though I almost force fed him.

All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

One of my budgies just dropped dead this morning with no apparent reason. in the early morning he was fine, jumping around and eating, then I heard a droping sound in the cage, and there he was on the floor. he droppings looked fine, vent hole clean, no signs of aggression by other birds no nothing.

Could molting cause this?

I'm grateful to live in an area where I don't have to worry about how much electricity I use and when.

So now I am deleting my data from reddit. is Deus.

I have never been to France, this prices are just what they say on the internet for about 30 € for one budgie.

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This makes me wonder why is life so expensive in some countries.

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I like how costs hobbies making thing by Europeans or Americans compare to how Asians or Arabs do.

For example, you can get a pair of budgies with cage and food for about 20 € to 25 € in Morocco, while this costs about 100 € in France.

Also, in DIY, Americans would you expensive power tools for EVERYTHING while other would just use a limited set of hand tools.

I started using yesterday. I am liking it so far. Maybe I'll delete my reddit account in a week or so.

I think bird breeding is so much like governing a state or a large group of people.

You have to have a plan, and act in the fileds of:

- health care
- psychological health
- food and drinks
- sanitation
- infrastructure
- family planing and counselling
- finances

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