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Submitted (and got merged) my first "patch" to @libreoffice

The fix itself is quite minor: rewording a few sentences and fixing typos. But I am pretty #proud because of how much work it is to get setup with a dev environment, and to understand the submission process of such a massive #FLOSS project. Phew!

Fingers crossed it's not my first _and last_ commit to the project 😄

I have been testing a lot of online eshops, and it seems that it is an acceptable trend for e-commerce websites to be slow and bloated.

Not to mention is awefully slow. Even companies that sell optimization extensions are too slow.

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What are some solutions still in the spirite?

I just built eshop for a friend but I did not like the ecosystem, the install procedure, and how basic extensions cost a fortune. E.g. Want to hide prices? That is $160!

Damn it. Why is everybody suggesting the use of signal instead if !

It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.

#KDETip: Push windows to the sides or top and bottom of the desktop by holding the [Meta] (Windows) key and then hitting an arrow key. 💡
🎶 And a Happy New Yeeeeeeaaar\!\!\!🎶🎉

The new libhandy widgets in the pipeline alone are incredible, but there's also apps going adaptive left and right, GTK4 opening the door to a whole world of new animations, and some very exciting stuff on the shell side

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The number of insanely cool things happening in GNOME/GTK land right now is ridiculous

Thank you Thursday!! Thank you to all of our GSoC, Outreachy, Intern mentors! Your guidance to new contributors helps grow the GNOME community and foster the future of #opensource projects.
#Thankyou #giving #supportfreesoftware

Peertube instance suggestion

I have been uplaoding some Lisp-related videos to This instance has been somewhat unstable, and is completely down at the moment.

I am considering running my own instance, but the last time I tried to set it up I had a lot of issues. So I wonder if there is a good public instance I can use? What are some good suggestions?

So I started porting my apps to GTK 4 and the first one is Authenticator. On the menu: GTK4 of course, a ton of new features & complete rewrite in Rust
The source code is available at

I have spent too much time with high level programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and PHP. Trying to learn hurts my brain.

Is it just me or is the provider for just shitty?

I am trying to launch a compute unit on vultr and run some containers on it. But man, terraform plan after a restart is just a nightmare.

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