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@piggo Microsoft does sahdy things with the computer. By the way, I am surprised you are using windawz.

@JonyKow I used the same technique to win an argument once. I just sent a SMS with the proof I wanted to a friend and showed the guy the texte. He belived it so much I had hard time convincing him it is just random shit I wrote myself.

@piggo Live DNS so your domain gets your new IP propagated faster.

@piggo If I understand correctly it will work. But you need to make sur to use LiveDNS if your homeserver is on a dynamic IP.

@saxnot Ity is even worse for JavaScript be cause of the low level entry barrier. I have seen JS production code that makes absolutly no sense. Absolute garbage wich works only when the stars are aligned and the moon is blue. It works in production only because stars a kept aligned and moon painted blue. @eichkat3r

@saxnot @eichkat3r The books are very close in terms of size, color and editor. Even title look simiar.

@saxnot why though ? wouldn't this beak website not migrated yet?@Firefox

As for the speaker, it is a HUGE upgrade on my old one. some death metal. Brutal.

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The keyboard is awesome! I really like it. I won't be enable the RGB light all the time obvisouly. Only when someone is around to show off. 🤣

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I chose the charge 4 instead of 5 because of it has Jack port and I disablme bluetooth on all my computers.

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Money well spent.

Trust mechanical kwyboard + JBL charge 4 speaker.

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