We just hired someone to actually go and look into these issues. Most of the time the issues solves itself, gets fixed after a refresh, or is caused by IE.

This is toovold that if someone was 20 years then, he would have grandchildren by now. This is almost 30 years.

@yogthos You either use too much fat arrows or an inconsistent pattern.

@pixelfed Does this imply a simple and straight forware docker-compose up -d would suffice?

Previouly, it had subs with death, fatality and decapitations. The gore level dropped from like 10 to -3.

I have has a custom multi named Gore with a lot of gory subs. With recent bans, only r/shatter is left. So my gore content now is paper cuts and broken finger tips.

@Gargron There is document upload. Like on banks, or freelance platforms, you need to upload some ID. On some subreddit, you need to post verification proof like a photograph of your work with your username written on a paper.

@yogthos Excuse me. This is clearly a dog. It is a dog with the head of a cat on the body of a cat.

@ebel Libre Software is already in use. Why should we add yet another term?

After 6 months of effort by our talented team of contributors, we are thrilled to announce the immediate release of GNOME 3.32, "Taipei". Please see our release announcement for the comprehensive list of changes.


C'est mille fois mieux que d'envoyer un mail ou flipper l'écran. De maintenant tout mes collègues auront du win93 !

Pourquoi es-ce une église et pas une mosquée ou synagogue ou autres ?

Facebook is down. Now is probably a good time to do a little #fediverse evangelizing! #facebookdown

@framasky En effet, j'ai un VPS sur lequel j'héberge plain de truc et voudrais y mettre gitlab. Chez $EMPLOYER j'utilise la technique simple de binder le port 122 de l'hote vers 22 du contenaire. De se fait je garde la possibilité de SSH à l'hôte. Sur mon VPS je voudrais n'avoir que le port 22 ouvert. Si on font git.touha.me:22, c'est gitlab qui répond, mais si on fait touha.me:22 c'est l'hôte qui répond.

Dit @framasky ? tu pourrais m'aider sur le setup de et ssh s'il te plait ?

@tao Hello, can my instance be listed on fediverse.space please?

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