@nithir En même temps des produits de « sécuritay » qui ont accès à toutes les données d'une machine et qui peuvent potentiellement injecter ses propres certifs TLS « poud vérifier qu'il y a pas de virus dans les fluy HTTPS »… en privateur et donc inauditables, y a que les commerciaux et les pseudo-tech incompétents qui croient au mythe de la sécurité par obscurantisme, pour défendre ça…


Repeat after me:

"I'm not a Formula1 driver, I don't need a tacky racing chair. I promise to get a proper office chair with lumbar support and adjustable head & arm rests. I will save some money and will also look less ridiculous in front of my PC."

See, it wasn't that hard!


Le vendeur : « Alors si vous installez Windows 10, le clavier interne risque de ne pas fonctionner. Il faudra brancher un clavier externe, et après l'installation aller dans le WindowsStore... »

Moi : DA FUQ ?

La machine: Aucun soucis avec Linux où le clavier a marché directement.

Mais il parait que Windows c'est plus user-friendly 🤷‍♂️

@paulfree14 @AbbieNormal you can look for apps in F-Droid with names like "share via HTTP" or "Send via FTP". They just spin a simple FTP or HTTP on your device and give you a URL. When your friends connected to the same network visit the URL, they can download the file. There is also syncthing which I never used.

@jpfox @im there is bulma.io that a beautiful and feature full. CSS only. However, I am not sure how it renders on Lynx and terminal. There is also getskeleton.com which, like its name, is bare bones, yet beutifull. Might render well in terminal since it is minimal.

"In this article I will describe how I designed and made a functional 32 bit RISC-V CPU at home." 500kHz Taktfrequenz, diskret aufgebaut aus einzelnen ICs. Next level Nerd Content. Enjoy:
hackaday.io/project/178826-pin #nerdporn

@Moon In arabic:
- ب ت ث
- ح ج خ
- ع غ
- س ش
- ص ض ط
- ا أ

@Moon Most of the time, this is explained by signs of wear on the cable or input ports getting loose.

I don't understand why some developers leave a bunch of trailing spaces, extra blank lines, excessive indentation, but when a space is really needed to make the expression readable, or to avoid 300+ char lines, they just don't.

Developers putting spaces all over the place, except where actually needed.

Dear ActivityPub + Github + Matrix users : do you have any ideas on how we could bridge these three tools ? Bouncing the following tools forum.fedeproxy.eu/t/matrix-br in the context of FedeProxy (forge activitypub interoperability)

github + matrix bridge + kazarma + activitypub client (mastodon for example) = what usage ? following issues ?

Boosts appreciated.

#ActivityPub #forges #developerexperience

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