@ranx The vote allowed to select multuple options. For example, I checked both work and home. @libreoffice

عيد مبارك سعيد
Aid Moubarak said.
Happy aid for all.

Survey time! Where do you use LibreOffice?

This Week in Matrix is available now! Get all the latest news from the Matrix ecosystem, including servers, clients, bridges and more! #twim #decentralization matrix.org/blog/2020/05/07/thi

@angristan Hein ? Dans les 2 dernières années j'ai postuler chez pas mal d'entreprises, aucune ne m'a demander une lettre de motivation. Un CV suffit.

@badrihippo ~/.config/myapp/config should be better. You can store there config, credentials, style, other info, etc.

@randynose No surrender. It would be just a matter of time till the TV gets connected somehow, a visitor, a neighboor, DLNA, screencasting, open network from a Hotspot, bluetooth, TNT, who knows.

@kravietz @rysiek @tbr

@randynose It would matter of course. Some TV has voice command features that run all the time, on who knows what else. @kravietz @rysiek @tbr

Fresh from the oven: Telephant v0.1rc3!

Just two small fixes, in preparation for further packages & binary releases:

- Set previous mentions as initial text for replies
- Fix potential crash on startup

Ready to try it out? Get it here:


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