@UnclearFuture Hello, I have been using since the beginning of time and experienced no issue.

It is a good model to have a somewhere where people can pay for the application and a somewhere else when people can get it for free.

This decision along with pricing was not taken lightly, the developer made a poll to see if people were OK with this. Of course, most people agreed to this, including myself.


Jokes a side. When you don't speak the language or just when you haven't used it to post?

Can you please name the meals so I can look them up?

Today I paid off all my school fees. I am so relieved.

@lnxw48a1 I am so used to things like ` composer create-project symfony/skeleton my-project; cd my-project; php -S` to get a nice greeting web page.

@lnxw48a1 It looks like it is still the same. Servlets, JPA, JDBC, web.xml etc. However, it is apparent that I am from the newer generation where getting starting to a new framework is just a matter of minutes rather that hours or even days. I still can't even get to consistently launch the JBoss server and still, it is just to show a 404 error page.

@lnxw48a1 Yes. Mostly for the app menu feature. I remember how many other DE had struggles with it. I used an openbox by that time. It was an issue in the early versions.

I am also having a teacher doing worse. She provides dependencies as jars on a USB key that we install in the most hacky whacky way. What is wrong with this ecosystem?

Why don't tutorials recommend using any package manger to get dependencies installed? I don't know, a simple `mvn install glassfish` or whatever is correct would be way simpler than a lengthy paragraph walking you trough an obsoleted GUI.

> Make "File → new → Other" type in the "server" search and select the following and then select the "Apache" folder selected your version then done next, enter the backup directory of your server and then click "Download and install »→ Accept the terms and click on« Finish ».


I am trying to get into EE and am looking for tutorials. All I can find is two kinds of resources: 40+ hours reads or short articles that can't even put a comprehensible sentence together.

@framasky If you are selling free software, especially to the enterprise, sell it as expensive as you can.

@angristan It is a lengthy and detail article with tons of comments.

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