@geotechland you already can have lists, multi colmuns and such. You enable them from your settings.

@Gargron @Mastodon

I have never been to France, this prices are just what they say on the internet for about 30 € for one budgie.

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This makes me wonder why is life so expensive in some countries.

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I like how costs hobbies making thing by Europeans or Americans compare to how Asians or Arabs do.

For example, you can get a pair of budgies with cage and food for about 20 € to 25 € in Morocco, while this costs about 100 € in France.

Also, in DIY, Americans would you expensive power tools for EVERYTHING while other would just use a limited set of hand tools.

@kensanata @zatnosk well the desired state of the checkbox, or the correct state is unchecked. You can see this as this should result in a "void" result.

@kensanata A that is a honey pot. if you check it, then you didn't read it. however, you can genuinely check it.

@MiseryPath I don't want any speakers that enhance the sound. I want it as the producer intended it to be.

@MiseryPath I have regular 356kbps MP3s and Flac files. Should be good enough.

@thomas Finally some sane statement about technology hardware and finance coming from Europe.

@dada Il y a des gens pauvres qui prenne extrèmement soint de leurs équipement. La tabelette bas de gamme est un luxe qui va durée pour certain.

I started using yesterday. I am liking it so far. Maybe I'll delete my reddit account in a week or so.

@nicosomb I just realized this would work great. I wonder what they actually did there.

@glowl @jgoerzen if they xant to censor mastodon, it woild ne just a matter of time so they figure the redirection and block it too.

@nicosomb ils ont ce code :

if (note == 1 || note == 2 || note == 3 || note = 4 || note == 5)
else {

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