Money well spent.

Trust mechanical kwyboard + JBL charge 4 speaker.

A few example of my Youtube recommendations.

Hopefully I clear youtube cookies on closing, but I keep Firefox open for days.

I just a couple this morning. Barely adults. The male is already comfortable and happily singing.

My untamed budgies refused to go back to cage for a few hours. So I just turned off the lights and picked them. They refused to cooperate otherwise.

I work on a project where there is a lot of code like this. Should i run?

I don't know what happened here but this sure is an interesting debate.

Écris ta documentation technique bordel de merde

Apparemment, tout le monde a décidé que la documentation technique c'était de la merde et que ça servait à rien. Ça me fait péter un plomb.

In Defense of Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman has had a rough month. This article is a decent summary of the events. In short: Stallman made some technically-correct-but-utterly-tactless comments on a private mailing list, most…

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