I just a couple this morning. Barely adults. The male is already comfortable and happily singing.

My untamed budgies refused to go back to cage for a few hours. So I just turned off the lights and picked them. They refused to cooperate otherwise.

I work on a project where there is a lot of code like this. Should i run?

I don't know what happened here but this sure is an interesting debate.

Écris ta documentation technique bordel de merde

Apparemment, tout le monde a décidé que la documentation technique c'était de la merde et que ça servait à rien. Ça me fait péter un plomb.


In Defense of Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman has had a rough month. This article is a decent summary of the events. In short: Stallman made some technically-correct-but-utterly-tactless comments on a private mailing list, most…


Runs on the Librem 5 Smartphone - Round 4 – Purism

Purism — Private and Secure Hardware, Software, and Services


Linux overtakes Windows Server as most used operating system on Azure

Linux is now the most used operating system on Microsoft Azure, according to a Microsoft Linux kernel developer.


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