/ Codium still struggling to come to feature parity with in text editing space

They just implemented bracket pair colorization.

I just update my instance to 3.5.1. It haas been a while since I have not done any complicated upgrade. I guess 2 years of simple docker-compose up -d and occasional migration. For both mastodon, nextcloud and other stuff at work.

In the same grain, the first commit is "fix conflicts". I am not sure how one can start a branch with a conflic.
usage a in my team.

usage in our team. I am not sure why the fake commit has 15 files changed.

Windows 10 is a pile of crap. I only have regular programs open. not seen here is a VBox with 4GiB of memory and firefox with a few Jira tabs. I don't know why the computer is sluggish and why the fuck does is consume 21 GB or memory!

Money well spent.

Trust mechanical kwyboard + JBL charge 4 speaker.

A few example of my Youtube recommendations.

Hopefully I clear youtube cookies on closing, but I keep Firefox open for days.

I just a couple this morning. Barely adults. The male is already comfortable and happily singing.

My untamed budgies refused to go back to cage for a few hours. So I just turned off the lights and picked them. They refused to cooperate otherwise.

I work on a project where there is a lot of code like this. Should i run?

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