I started using Gnome again. TBH, it is state of the art desktop.

It does recognise my mouse and battery level natively. It just worked. I hadn't had to install nor configure anything. It just works.


@dragnucs @gnome I used once #GNOME3 or 2? And I switched away from it because of resource-usage and instability issues which prevented me from using a desktop. Plus I didn't like how you have to handle it. With #FVWM-Crystal I got what I was always looking for. Small memory/CPU footprint and reliable.

@roland @gnome to everyone his taste and preferences. Yet gnome now is very easy to use and does what a good DE is expected to do.

@dragnucs @gnome Yes, of course. That's what I like on #Linux, its flexibility and reliability (high uptime). So enjoy your favorite DE. :-)

quix0r@daedalus:~$ uptime 03:15:48 up 216 days, 16:31, 4 users, load average: 4.65, 4.48, 4.56 quix0r@daedalus:~$

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