I think I drink too much coffee when working from home.

@dragnucs for me it's the opposite. I drink little to no coffee while WFH. At the office tho...

@vhns Well I mean, are you above what you consider reasonable?

@dragnucs 3-5 mugs whenever in the office. 1-2 mugs at home.

@vhns I am trying to make sense of this, but neither your situation nor mine makes any. Why would one need more coffee when WFH or office.

@dragnucs I'm a very monotonous person. Whenever I'm working from home, I can act as myself. While in the office, I have to pretend that I care and worry about the things I do (I don't). So I need that caffeeine in me to provide me the needed energy for putting up a show.
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