@JonyKow I used the same technique to win an argument once. I just sent a SMS with the proof I wanted to a friend and showed the guy the texte. He belived it so much I had hard time convincing him it is just random shit I wrote myself.

@dragnucs @JonyKow I'm not a physician but I do know that passenger airplanes cannot penetrate steel-framed towers, because they are to weakly constructed to do that + the speed in ~100m isn't enough to do that.

Do I have to be a doctor physics to be able say this or is just common sense enough to understand it? Since #GeorgeBush said "these conspiracy theorists", they are being send to the devil when they bring up something that is not echoing the "mainstream opinion" during global events such as #911 , #Corona, #H1N1 or any other global event.

@roland Like someone said in a movie: "A person is smart, people are dumb". I will also add that a huge proportion of people are dumb. Some take logic piss on it and throw it out of the window.

I work in IT, so we are supposed to have received a scientific education. Yet, I too much dumb stuff. People can be efficient in their line of work, but have stupid beliefs on other subjects.


@dragnucs @JonyKow Marc #Twain once said:

Do not discuss with idiots, because they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

I was then asked if I label them as idiots ... Oh, how insightful! ;-) #sarcasm

@roland The most important thing is to question your own intelligence. It helps strengthen the mind. @JonyKow

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