Today with difficult teeny tiny sneak peak in the Zebra finches nest, I noticed some hatched eggs. Make me happy and proud.

I am following advice to, as a beginner breeder, not touch or interfer with anything. I do not move the cage, don't touch the nest, not even to clean it. I only change water, chage food, and clean the drawer.

I wanted to take a picture but we can hardly see anything. I will take a picture when the chicks start peeking out of the nest.

It is interesting to see how such small creatures form a very organized home and family. They:
- don't go into the nest structure if not of high quality
- build the nest with fibers themselves
- don't lay eggs if none of the above
- don't lay eggs if food and water is scarce
- Take turns in brooding.
- Share responsibility of brooding and caring the the chicks.

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