I was searching for a solution to a problem and found an article talking about the problem at hand. Bonus, the author is going thru the same mental challenge as me.

> But Rust pushes me to some new unholy realm, when I have to crack and squeeze my brains beyond point of plasticity (causing irreversible changes).

@IRLStreamer @dragnucs

> Why? My current idea that the size of the function is the size of the ‘function body’. One-liner has different size then hundred-liner.

without knowing anything about Rust i can already tell you that the guy is just too grug
@mute_city @dragnucs I dunno there's a meme about rust trannies and you talked about having to crack and squeeze your brain
Maybe it's causal, rather than coincidental

@IRLStreamer @mute_city I don't know what you are talking about, but I am learning and practicing Rust, the programming language. I am not versed into trans culture and thus, do not understand the joke.

@IRLStreamer @dragnucs

On a more constructive note:
Learning these clusterfuck languages directly is unlikely to enlighten you.

Go scheme first, then ocaml or something equivalent.
You will understand interpreters and type systems and will be able to pick up any language of your choosing in two weeks or less.
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