After having made the mistake to use on my work laptop, I am now shredding all the history logs and config.

Some of my coworkers seen a chat notification on my licked screen. We also do have centralized backups. (I stopped the backup agent long time ago), Monitored network, etc. Even if nobody really monitors the networks look into backups. I am from the IT.

@dragnucs I thought #Riot has encrypted connections? Okay, it is maybe not possible to see the ongoing conversation in clear-text, but the presence of the Riot connection itself is enough to say, that that worker is using it... Riot needs protocol-tunneling or obfuscation where a Riot connection looks like something other.

I did have an initial unecrypted chat. Most of the discussion are encrypted indeed.

@dragnucs @heluecht @hypolite the displayed age and username with Arabic characters is flipped. #bug #friendica
@hypolite @dragnucs @heluecht The configuration file says duopuntozero, but in admin area vier.
@roland @dragnucs @heluecht The current user theme is first checked in the user's display settings, then in the admin display settings, then in the config file if neither were set. What does the user's display settings say?
@dragnucs @heluecht @hypolite Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/../mod/settings.php:919) in /var/www/../src/App.php on line 1342 but else #vier .
@heluecht @dragnucs @hypolite here is the cause: Notice: Undefined index: mobile-theme in /var/www/../mod/settings.php on line 919
@roland @heluecht @dragnucs Here:…

Is it any better after you pull? I'm not sure it's related but it needed to be fixed anyway.
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