@dragnucs I don't know what learning #Java / #J2EE / #JEE is like today, but it wasn't bad 15-20 years ago. Apache Tomcat, servlets, a little bit of JSP, the mod_jk connector from Tomcat to Apache Web Server. Using #JDBC to connect to MySQL 3.23 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Comparing servlets to Perl CGI and JSPs to PHP (which were topics in other classes I took).

@lnxw48a1 It looks like it is still the same. Servlets, JPA, JDBC, web.xml etc. However, it is apparent that I am from the newer generation where getting starting to a new framework is just a matter of minutes rather that hours or even days. I still can't even get to consistently launch the JBoss server and still, it is just to show a 404 error page.

@lnxw48a1 I am so used to things like ` composer create-project symfony/skeleton my-project; cd my-project; php -S` to get a nice greeting web page.

@dragnucs Oh, I've never touched JBoss, so no idea how easy or hard it is to set up.

I am wondering whether #Oracle's #Java licensing push is going to kill the #JEE market except for inside the very largest corporations. I cannot imagine a medium sized organization that would want to risk a lawyer letter from ORCL.
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